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NASOM mean ‘’Thank You’’ in the Douala language; a local dialect spoken in Cameroon; in Central Africa. Inspired by the Douala people’s kindness, hospitality, heartfelt love and positive attitude, we developed Nasom Recognition Program to help employers all over the world create a workforce where a culture of thanks is implemented; where employees are more engaged and empowered, dedicated and focus on a common goal.

Nasom Employee Recognition Program can help employers better inspire and motivate their employees; unlock their full potential to help them become more productive; support one another to create more solidarity, celebrate each and every success to bring in more passionate and more importantly share thanks across your organization.

Your workforce is your company’s most important asset. Recognizing, Motivating and Rewarding them is one of the key factors that will help create a most effective and successful team that operates according to your organization’s system, values and vision.

Nasom Employee Recognition program is designed to encourage a work place environment where a culture of recognition is implemented throughout your company to support behaviors that create value, cut cost, increase revenue and customer’s satisfaction.

Nasom is brought to you by Corporate WorkForce Solutions Inc. Our services include: Staffing Solutions, Employee Recognition Program, Attendance Management System and Payroll solutions. We provide fully integrated solutions within the core of Human Capital Management, centralized around multiple products offerings that can be selected separately.

Corporate WorkForce Solutions, Inc. was established in 2013 in Chicago. Throughout the years we have developed the expertise, knowledge, skills and resources required to provide superior services at the most competitive cost. Our team of highly qualified experts will review, analyze and recommend the most proactive and innovative solutions to maximize your human potential.