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Employer Dashboard

With our powerful admin panel and easy to use wizard tools, your program admin will manage all aspects of your program; add employees, activate and de-activate users, set up departments and assign supervisors, edit your program, run various report to analyze your program performance, set budget per team, points usage and balance, send and analyze surveys results, administer calendar and event notifications, administer employer’ wall etc.

Employee's Features

  • Participating employee’s account
  • Peer-to-peer recognition with (points) to the limit allowed by their program admin
  • Manager to employee recognition
  • Redeem points
  • Point Balance
  • Track their point usage
  • Track their order
  • Reply to surveys
  • Years of Service and anniversary Notifications


  • Track Performance and Employees’ engagement.
  • Points Usage
  • Redemption & distribution
  • Leaderboards by location, department, groups & individuals
  • Number of Recognition, e-thankyou, birth day etc…
  • Send surveys and analyze results
  • Department Wall with message feed
  • Collaboration Level Between Users
  • Management reports to track program performance

Nasom Store

  • Redeem points for products
  • Order status
  • Market place per country
  • Opened to participating employers


  • Welcome notification
  • E-year of service notification
  • E-Birthday notification
  • Points notification
  • Order tracking notification

Service Support

  • Account setup
  • Data upload assistance
  • System customization and graphic design
  • Dedicated assistance