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Show your appreciation
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How it Works

You expect all of your employees to always perform well, to meet all the deadlines, be good team players, respect your clients, respect one another, reduce expenses and more importantly increase revenue. When one of your employee does something extraordinary that deserve a ‘’Thank You’’, Nasom Recognition Program comes into play to help your department’s heads or program administrator send ‘’Thank You’’ and/or Points to employees.

Your employees have special events to celebrate for example; years of service, birthdays and promotions. They want to be celebrated and be recognized as being part of your organization. Nasom Recognition Program in this situation allows employers to send e-birthday and e-anniversary cards along with points to celebrate their employees.

Points received by employees will be redeemed on the Nasom Program Store’’. Employees can use their points to purchase gift-cards and many other items. These cards or items will be shipped or electronically delivered to employees who can then use them to shop with major retailers in their respective countries.

Nasom Employee Recognition Program has lots of flexibilities that will allow your organization to design a unique program according to your own policies and corporate culture. With our consultants and support team on hands ready to help, we’ll design and set up your program on time and on budget.

The program is designed and branded to meet each employer’s corporate culture and specifications. With Nasom start motivating today.